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How To Break Up With Crap Days (Or Weeks)

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Accepting that crappy days are normal and how to move on from them.

Recently I had one of those weeks.

It was seven days of feeling like a bag of wet sand

feeling cold, feeling heavy, and feeling like it took a lot of effort to push my heavy ass bag to do anything productive...

It started with Monday.

No one’s particularly fond of Mondays anyway, but that Monday my usual routine had to be changed (and control freak over here did not like that), I had to skip the gym, and then when I went home I decided to try out a new recipe for dinner…

However, it was one of those recipes that lies to you and tells you dinner will be prepared and ready in 30 minutes, when really it takes you an hour and a fucking half and you burn yourself with hot oil in the process.

So, Monday was a shit show. Tuesday then included 6 hours of lectures

– you can imagine I wasn’t feeling much better after that -

and the rest of the week followed suit with me catching a cold in the process. Basically, I was hosting a pity party…

     Attendees: one sad sack over here.

Everybody has wet sand hours, days or even weeks. It’s part of being a human being. So I thought I would share my tips on how I did, and you can, shake off that wet sand.

Tip 1: Dig Deep

Take a step back, take a few deep breaths and try and figure out why the day/week has been hard.

What set you off feeling low or crappy originally and what has maintained it?

Is there something you are worried about? Did something awful/annoying happen to you at work? Have you been eating well and getting enough sleep? Are you coming down with something?

Take time to figure it out: it might be lots of little things that are piling up.

Tip 2: Be Kind

In general, humans have a bit of trouble being nice to ourselves because we are so busy – working, studying, looking after children or fur babies etc, and just trying to make sense of the world… We don’t have the time to be kind.

And on days when we feel like wet sand it can be all the harder

– we feel bad for not being as productive or as positive as usual, and the wet sand can trickle into other aspects of our lives -

We might feel like a crap partner, friend, family member or worker. And it’s important in these moments we be kind.

In the psychology world, we call this practice self-care and it’s an important way to combat wet sand. This means picking those activities and mindsets that care for you and that you know make you feel better… it may mean taking time to read part of a book, baking something, or sleeping in.

Tip 3: Make Change

As part of recognising what’s got you down and what self-care activities you need to include, make changes so the upcoming week is better.

This means planning to include having that bath and reading that book chapter (and sticking to that plan).

It also means to tackle what you identified is the cause of the wet sand: do you need to talk to someone about what’s happened at work or how someone is treating you? Do you need to sit down and realistically think about your worry and how you can work to reduce that anxiety? Do you need to go see the doctor about those cold symptoms?

Put those plans into action...

This post is really to tell you two things

Everyone has days and weeks that are crap. Even people like me, who have been taught how to overcome negative thoughts and emotions, can still have a crap day that turns into several days. It’s okay. It’s normal.

 And most importantly, wet sand can make great sandcastles. So, start sitting down with yourself and work out what’s going on, incorporate those self-care activities, and make those changes so your next few days are bloody awesome sandcastles… with moats and sea shells and all that jazz.

Til next time,


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