Hi, I'm Alex

I am a Registered Clinical Psychologist, currently working in Wellington, New Zealand. When I'm not working you can find me at the gym, enjoying a glass of Chardonnay with friends and whanau, or trying to find dogs to pat.

This blog started as a space for me to combine my passions for both physical and mental health. After years of neglecting the connection, social media has just started to pick up on the fact that health is holistic. The idea that great health comes from improving mind, body and soul. However, social media still has a long way to go in embracing this idea. I still see misleading and false information on the daily:

That physical health is determined by your hip-to-waist ratio or the size of your biceps.

That taking a bath and a few deep breaths will "fix" that mental illness.

I wanted to create this blog to share my knowledge; backed by evidence based research and years of psychological training and study.

So on this blog you'll find:

  • My tips and tricks to overcome barriers that are stoping you from achieving your health goals

  • My insights into why we think, feel and behave the way we do

  • And my spiels on daily life




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